All that glitters isn’t necessarily Gold

April 22, 2008

You probably know who Britney Spears, Paris Hilton or Linsay Lohan is and what they’re famous for.

(If you don’t, it may be because you couldn’t care less or have actually been living in a dark and murky cave would really like to meet you ’cause I’ve never actually met anyone living there b4)

You’ve probably seen their faces or the, ahem, other parts of their body that was supposed to be strictly reserved for those R21 movies. But still, all those photographs of them in their umglam glory have made front covers for over dozens of magazines. Such stories like heroin addiction, drunken driving or even pre-martial babies are the ones that have been taking the world by storm. Fashion trends are started by these socialites and celeberities. Everyone (okay maybe not everyone) is obessed with the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

Yes, I am referring to the once-glamorous Hollywood.


Don’t get me wrong. Hollywood is still as shiny and attractive as it was back when it first started. But now, the focus has gone completely off-track. Instead of appreciating the good actors who churn out blockbuster movies, people want to see the lives of their favourite celebrity- up close and personal. (even though too much info can get ugly) Like, now celebrities seem to be going to jail or rehab often and people actually want to read about that. But.. I’m digressing.. Back to topic.

Face it, buried deep down inside everyone’s heart, is a desire to be in the limelight. Okay fine, maybe it’s just me. But I’m ever intrigued by the vibe or ‘aura’ that the celebrities give out. They look so poised and confident. Everything they wear looks stunning on them.. thanks to their personal stylist. And I can never help but wonder how would life be if I was one of Them?   




*daydreams about myself wearing a deep red Valentino gown as I sashay down the red carpet at the Oscars, while the reporters click away on their camera as I strike a pose… who knows, I might even get to meet Adam Brody! Okay I’d better stop before i get too carried away. Snaps mayself back to reality*   


Ah well I guess I’m contented with my tee and shorts.









For now. Muahahs.


It would be so totally awesome to be in the ‘IN’ crowd, right?

Well.. my mindset has changed and i’m thinking that it certainly is not too good to be like Them. (when i say Them, i mean the popular celebs) It seems like in the 21st Century, to be so famous comes with a hefty price tag.

And i mean hefty HEFTY.

Just look at them. Why yes, they are famous no doubt. But for the wrong reasons. Like how Britney shaved her hair off due to the stress, so she says. And how Paris became known only after the sex scandal. Plus, these girls with their on-off friendships.. Boy, I just can’t keep up.

So the question is, is it worth it? 

Is it really worth it to sacrifice your life for fame, fame and more fame?

To be in the limelight and Hollywood’s inner circle, these girls sure are pulling all the stops.

We look at Hollywood and we all sigh with envy. I mean, check out the latest designer clothes and all the special privileges! Not to mention, the hawt boyfriends they can get. Most girls dream about being in Hollywood. But few actually consider the dark side.

No, I ain’t talking about Star Wars and Luke skywalker here. Hollywood may seem so twinkly magical and wonderful, but there is more than meets the eye. Publicity stunts have to be done every once in a while, even if it means to hang out with someone you despise, or to have a ‘relationship’ with someone. At times, you have to do what people want to see. Or else, they’ll simply move on to other stars who are willing to do so.. and you’ll be a ‘has-been’. And to be over, must be the worse news of your life ’cause you’re so used to getting attention. Then you’ll probably beg to do ANYTHING to be back ‘in’ as you miss all the privileges of being popular. It’s a vicious cycle. Only this cycle isn’t regarding poverty- but the rich and famous who still yearn for more.

To let you get the picture, I shall literally show you through pictures and you’ll see it for yourself 🙂



How’d she end up like this?  

Here goes her sad story:

Britney married the good-for-nothing Kevin and then got pregnant with two kids. She made friends with Paris Hilton. She began to party and soon the tabloid chased her for every ‘juicy’ story they can find. So her reputation was damaged. And adding to it were claims from the guys who had flings with her and they called her a sex animal. Then the divorce came (finally!) and she spent most of her time and money trying to get custody of her children but K-Fed still got them in the end and blah blah she suffered from all the stress thanks to the harsh news on media magazines and all. But she’s on the road to recovery and I wish her well.

Honestly, it’s sad to see stars, especially Britney, in this pathetic state. She was one of the BIGGEST stars- with Madonna- but then her life turned out this way. She had it all going for her, and her life was to be a success story. But it all fell apart, thanks to the constant stress and let-downs by people in the media industry.  


Next, Nicole Ritchie- daughter of Lionel Ritchie and that’s how she’s famous. She has her dad’s wealth and a fashion sense to boot. But there was a time when she looked completely anorexic, and she said it was because she was stressed.

Richie said, “No, I do not have an eating disorder. I’ve never had an eating disorder. Ever. … It’s anxiety. It’s stress. It’s just not being careful.” Quoted from her interview on

There, truth’s out.




Yeah she’s throwing water at the paparazzi ’cause they’re soo annoyinggggg, I think. (how would I know) Oh and maybe at the same time she’s trying to entertain the people at the side walk. It must be in her blood to entertain.

Gosh the paparazzi hounds you like a dog with rabies who’s thirsty for blood. They’d even speed and chase after your car, thus causing maybe car accidents. They are the demons of the dark side. Okay okay, I know they’re not all horrigible and that they are just doing their job.

To take bad shots of celebs and then sell it to ruin the celeb’s life- some job.

See, the media world ain’t that glamorous as you think. It’s just what they want you to think so you’ll envy and support them, thus generating more income for them.

That aside, there are some good points about Hollywood. Really. I’m not all against Hollywood. It’s just that there are some truths that show : All that glitters may not be Gold.

And! Some just shamelessly do all they can to make it to the top. Like sleeping around or being buddies with the paparazzi.. But I won’t delve into that today ’cause it’ll probaby take up another page full of sad people who want attention and I think you’re getting bored so i shall end your misery and thus, here comes the end of my entry 🙂

p.s; even though this is gonna sound completely contradictory, I still harbor a wish to get my face printed on a billboard in a busy street! I know, I know, from your flabbergasted face you’re asking me why would I still want that even after I’ve just written about the evils of fame. Ah, I can’t help it.. I am toooo curious to try and live life well and known. (even though we all know that curiosity killed the cat)

Maybe you will see my face in middle of Orchard Road. Don’t forget to think back and say: ‘oh that contradictory girl from my dvfx class finally made it!’  



Though you might not say it after you see this…  










































Hey, anything to be famous right?

After all, I learnt from the best.     


p.p.s! Of course, not ALL famous female celebs are attention-seeking rehabs. I’m just naming the more controversial ones.


Any resemblance or similarity between characters, living or dead, is strictly coincidental. Pictures credited to (the tabloid magazine) This post is under Felicia Chia’s copyrights.. yada yada yada. No animals where harmed during this process.  



illogical question of the week:

‘Who patented the patent copyright sign anyway?” -extracted from 101 Bloody Stupid Questions book.


One Response to “All that glitters isn’t necessarily Gold”

  1. theredpants Says:

    You will make it one day – if you want it bad enough, you will get it. I’ve had my name show up in credits in two movies and numerous tv shows and I still get a thrill everytime I see my name in credits – nothing wrong with that. We’re all egoists at heart; that’s why credits exist. Haha.

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