Hot diggly dog, it’s labour day! *ding*

April 30, 2008

Presentingggg toooo youuuuu

(think deep macho emcee voice)

Felicia’s latesttttttttt possttttttttttt! 




Haha it’s like I’m so punctual in blogging here, but in my own blog where there is no deadline or grading, my blog keeps going to sleep for days/weeks/years(?!?!).

Last week, I met up with my bestest bestest friends (we used to call ourselves the ‘sweetards’. heh)


& I came to realize this…

Good dining place + good food + awesome friends = One of the greatest times of your life.

Um no, I am not gonna talk about the philosophies of life as I’ll probably mix different theories up and you staunch believers will come after me silently (scientologist), with a voodoo doll to curse me (wiccan cult) while shoving a poster of how man evolved from apes (darwin’s theory) into my face. 

Like I said, the different beliefs will get mixed up. And there’s no way I can risk having you come after me doing all that so..

I’ll just stick to something that I’m sure all of you can relate to.

I came to realize that…

What i’ve realized is…

*reminds me of the song where there are so many ‘realize’ words in them, well duh- the song’s called ‘Realize’.

(Gosh I have the attention span of like 15 seconds. I’ll never complete the post if I keep digressing!)


Ahem. As I was saying 🙂

We often fail to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

To us, we’ve grown in a world where happiness means to be financially stable. Yet, these two short words pretty much spans out the most of our lives. As soon as we could learn, we went to school. Then we went on to further education AND then we’ll go on getting our Bachelor or PHD. The overall goal? 

To get a good career, be famously successful, get a good wife that matches your certificates, have smart kids, retire early and pass on the wealth and business to spoilt brats of the future aka your kids.

So as soon as we’re born, we enter this world so innocent and carefree.. only to be burdened more as each day goes on and we discover facts of life. (when you are 4 years old and you discover that you’ll die one day- in about 90 years time. Oh, the fear, I tell you) & we join the cruel rat race of life where money is the gravity that makes the world go round.

Yeah sometimes I’m all career-obsessed, thinking of how to do well in life.. on how to get a whole bunch of certificates for the big glass office room wall.. on how to settle down..

But when I stop and think for a rational second, it’s like what people say.

Carpe Diem.

That’s right, live life to the fullest ’cause you just might never know if there’ll be a tomorrow.

Gah, it’s sounding so morbid here. On a lighter note..

We should live life to the fullest and we should just enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

And it was when I was having dinner with my girls that I took a step back to look at what I haven’t seen in a long time.

Seriously, what else could be better than just chillin’ with your besties while talking about everything under the sun? 

We met up and and and.. Well, basically, we had an awesome time catching up. This is what I’m talking about, yo 😀






(hm, definition for the term ‘catching up’ is subjective and may contain different meanings; like taking pictures!)







Won’t go much into detail about what we said but I really appreciate my friends ’cause they are totally special and no one could ever take their place in my heart. Awww, BFFs right! Whoever said friends come and go, well… you should just…………. go? Whatevs. I mean, my friends are awesome because 


1) I can crap to them about anything and they’ll laugh along with me.


2) We get sooo HIGH and crazy, no one’s bringing us down.


3) Even though what I’m saying is boring, they will still listen to me. Or at at least, look like they are paying attention.


4) They are generous with their compliments, that by going out with them, your ego gets the boost it needs.


5) They take 30 minutes to dole out the correct amount of change to each person after paying the bill. 


6) And I didn’t help one bit but they didn’t mind. (I might’ve made it worse if I’d help, actually)


7) We cam-whore together, anytime, anywhere- regardless of stares.


lastly, as Jy found out, 

8) When your whole body is shaking with laugher, cotton candy laughs with you.



Just the random but true facts of life. 🙂


We will, we will ROCK YOU ❤



3 Responses to “Hot diggly dog, it’s labour day! *ding*”

  1. Rachel Says:


    this post makes me smile and think of all the whacked moments we shared!

    from the ginza days, to wildwildwet/sentosa days, to shopping sprees, to tennis over at your condo [nearly everyday], to sleepovers, to having dance everyday in the hall, [i could go on forever] but you get my point!

    so, the bottomline is -drumroll please-


  2. .jyings Says:

    hello! i am very entertained by your reads! please update more haha~

    very honoured that you posted about ur friends and I’m glad to be one of them!

    I’ll always be your silent stalker (maybe not so silent anymore) and faithful reader!


  3. theredpants Says:

    I got violent drunk the night before my wedding and I punched a few of my friends, ripped some of their shirts off and did all sorts of damage to them – according to them, I did all that with a big smile while say “I love you guys!”. And no one got pissed at me – if that’s not a sign of true friendship, I don’t know what is.

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