aH lianXz Speek 101

May 13, 2008

Haha, one week has past and i’m still not over the world going to the dogs.

I promise i’ll stop talking about this if you just promise to read and hear me out 😀


as technology improves into infinity and beyond,

you’d expect the world to follow it too right?

Well.. not exactly.

While our standard of living is rising like the sea level, our standard of english is not.

Everyone is replacing normal words with short-form and yeah, i’m talking about myself here. Actually i’ve not much problem with that. It’s this i’m fussing over:

“heYelL0 ‘0w aree euUzx?”

(ah lians, don’t come bitch-slapping me. this is a free country where i can say what i want, yo)

I’m sure you’re familiar with the likes of such unusual spelling, it is certainly no stranger to all of us. My goodness, it makes even this simple question of ‘how are you’ a chore to answer. The unfortunate receiver would be puzzling over what that person is trying to say.. and then brain cells get wasted when those precious brain cells could be used to cure HIV or even reverse global-warming OR even to help teach english. 

Yeah, I guess it is kinda fun to type like that sometimes but there are permanent stubborn people who still wanna write lyYke thEesh. In case you have forgotten how to write like the kuul people, here’s a quick review 😉

Back in say, 2004 (?), typing with double alphabets was cooll. Even replacing alphabets with different spelling proved eUu to be smart & kooool. Adding cutesy words behind is a plus point. And of course, who could forget the adding of all the hissing?

for example;

ii lyykE tuu t0k liddattz w0rxxz!

omg it’s more colorful than swear words, don’tcha think.



3 Responses to “aH lianXz Speek 101”

  1. .jyings Says:

    hey this post is so long! 😀 hahah
    yup I enjoyed the funny facts and quirks of this one!

  2. theredpants Says:

    I guess I never grew up in a time where people wrote like that but I try and be tolerant of it. I think it’s cool when people distort language to another form – however, you’d still have to know the formal in order to subvert it, I guess.

  3. Sara Says:

    I agree with you on this one! That’s probably my MAJOR pet-peeve, typing in that horrible form. haha.

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