What do you do when you don’t know what to blog about?

May 21, 2008

You make a list!

(Making lists is good, it clears up your cluttered mind, me thinks!)

Someone, somewhere said that whenever you’re out of creative juices, just do something random (like a cold shower or visit a haunted house) and soon, you’ll have ideas flowing out of you like a river.

Because I am such a procrastinator, I just finished my story’s first draft and am therefore quite dry on ideas to blog about. So! I shall make a list about the things that are running through my head now:


1) My friend had an epiphany! (think: The Simpsons Movie lol)

He said that: “Dull people make the world go round. But interesting people make dull people go round.”

I think it’s so true! 

The duller people, with the duller jobs like banking and whatnots make the world and economy go round. But the driving force behind these dull people is the interesting people! It feels like a piece of the puzzle of life is fixed back into place. Haha, and no wonder they say that opposites attract


2) The Great Singapore Sales is now on omg omg yay shopping finally we can make another list this time it will be a shopping list and i can spend without worrying about burning a hole in my pocket yowsa!

yeah apparently the GSS’s side effect is that people get too excited to stop and punctuate their sentences, hehe.


3) Yes I want to write my shopping list after I blog this post. 😀

I want to get a new wallet,

a new bag, 

more pretty dresses..



and………………………………. hm.


4) Pick-up lines!

Was thinking about it because some time back, my friend had to do a dare that required him to use a pick-up line to impress a girl. So here’s what he said:

“Is your dad a terrorist?”

The unsuspecting girls looks at him and says “No..”

“But he must be, because I think you’re the bomb.”

Which got me started on thinking of cheesy pick-up lines! Some guys try to get a girl, but don’t bother with pick-up lines. I think the lines add fun to the situation, though. Like if someone tried to ask me out without a good pick-up line, i’d say no. (Unless that guy’s Utt or Field) Although some creeps will use some weird line to hook up with girls, expecting us to accept their invitation. I know i know, i’m contradicting myself. Ah you wonder how i am ever to find a boyfriend? It’s no bother, someone will appreciate me one day.

Afterall, my mother told me that I’m special… 










…. on the inside. 😀





Hey, do you like raisins?

How about a date?




p.s: woah the random list thingy worked! now i’m not thaat stucked for ideas!


One Response to “What do you do when you don’t know what to blog about?”

  1. theredpants Says:

    How about this?

    “Can I look at the back of your neck?”
    “What are you looking for?”
    “The tag that says “Made in Heaven”.

    Lame-o. Lists are awesome. I make lists all the time and they’re fun too. The last list I made was “Things you can do with your toes.” I know, I think I have too much time too! The rest of the time I just annoy the wife …

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