Do all good things come to an end?

May 28, 2008

Hello you,

I just heard that tomorrow will be the last storytelling class for us. And it’s quite saddening ’cause well, i had fun in storytelling class. I’m sure we all did. 

Sooo i may not look forward to thursdays that much now but! i know i’ll enjoy the last lesson tmrw lah!

Well this brought me back to the time where i graduated from Tanglin Sec Sch, oh you must be thinking that i was relieved and glad to be out of sch right? Actually, no. The friendships i forged in those classrooms and washrooms (lol), the memories of class unity, the corridors in which we sat at to skip classes. Not to mention the scolding and hounding from my beloved teachers, of course. As much as how i wanted to get out of the school that brought me tears, sweat and a hell load of complains- there was a part of me that couldn’t let go of all the happiest moments that i’ve ever experienced within the 4 important years of my life. 

I wanted to step on a new stone in life, but sec sch was awesome awesome- and i had little choice but to move on. I wanted to be so carefree and rebellious and young- sweet sixteen forever eh. I didn’t want new friends to replace my dear old friends. I think i might’ve stayed and paused the tape recorder on my life if moving on wasn’t necessary :X 

Which got me thinking, do all good things have to come to an end?  

Ever been on an outing with your best buds, where you’re doing stuff you enjoy and just crapping around. Then reality sets in and before you know it, it’s time for you to go. And no matter how hard you wish it wouldn’t end, you still have to end the gr8 time you’re having with them sooner or later?

Yeah i’m sure sure like 110% sure we all have gone through that before. Where we never want to say goodbye. But we HAVE to, because we can’t possibly stay and try to drag out the moment for 3 days, without going home and all. 

But then again, maybe that’s why we’ll always cling on to these special moments, which we keep close to hearts just in case we ever forget what it’s like and we can pull it back into our minds, remember and smile to ourselves. 

Plus it’s because of these moments that remind us not to take for granted what we have- for it’s in our nature to not cherish the things we love until its too late, no?

I’ve a few sob stories about how i never treasured or even noticed something so valuable until it’s gone, and i can never get it back. However i think i say not turn this post into a superrr emo and sad one- so i shall stop and not mention my stories here. Fullstop. With a capital letter ‘F’.

So anyways, do all good things come to an end?




(credits to rightful pic owner. i forgot where i stole this from. please have mercy and pardon me!)




I think my answer would be, a Yes.

Like what my friend said, that it’s because we can have these good things once in a while hence it’ll realy be special to us.

The good things may be occasional, but the happy memories of it will tide me over until the next good thing comes by. 



“Well the dogs were barking at a new moon
Whistling a new tune
Hoping it would come soon
And the sun was wondering if it should stay away for a day ’til the feeling went away
And the sky was falling on the clouds were dropping and
the rain forgot how to bring salvation
The dogs were barking at the new moon
Whistling a new tune
Hoping it would come soon so that they could die.

Flames to dust, lovers to friends.

Why do all good things come to an end?”



edit: i just realized this;

all good things come to an end because, well, they are making way for BETTER things to come our way 😀


2 Responses to “Do all good things come to an end?”

  1. trena Says:

    ya, i really miss secondary school days =))
    you really brought back memories =)) hahas

  2. theredpants Says:

    Good things never come to an end until we come to an end – in the meantime, they all live in that fantastic thing scientist like to term, a brain. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts – you should keep blogging!

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