Once upon a time, there lived a girl whose name was Julie. She was the princess in every fairytale. She always had what she wanted. Toys and boys, you name it. But when Hugo dumped her, she fell into depression, dying days later. Who said all fairytales had happy endings?

“Hi, my name is Invisible Tom. You can call me ‘it’. I live life quietly, so quietly that no one notices me anymore. People walk past me with blank faces, busy with their own life. I carry on my non-existent life, shedding invisible tears at night. But I’m still invisible.”

This is it. The moment I’ve been waiting for my whole entire life. “Ms Lee, you’re president.” I scream for joy. I then let out another scream- of pain. Someone had shot me, and I was dying. So near.. yet so far. This was never part of my dream.

As Cory walks home from school, girls flutter around him, like the butterflies around a beautiful flower- trying to extract its sacred nectar. Unfortunately for them, his smile was only for Jeanie. Unfortunately for him, her heart was with someone else. But until his dying day, he will never know.

Panting madly, Kenny looked around, as he looked for the men who were chasing after him. Seeing no one in sight, he swung his bag onto his shoulder and continued running. This was the price to pay for knowing too much. He would have to keep running to stay alive.


One Response to “50-word stories”

  1. espedine Says:

    wow i love the last story good enough to be under 50 words

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