Felicia Chia



The frequent FAQs of my life are my racial origins & age- people can’t really figure out where I’m from. They speak to me in various languages like malay, thai or tamil. So in order not to create any embarrassment for you and me, let me just answer that (not-so)burning question for you. I am a chinese from birth, I came from chinese parents & yeah look a lil like a malay. Oh, and I’m 17 this year. Not 15, 14, or even 13. Though i look young for my age, majority says. But I have lived with it for 15 years of my life so i guess I could live with it till the day I die. Though my friends reassure me that I’ll look young even at my mid-thirties; & isn’t it every mid-thirties women’s wish to do so? 😉

Aside from these though, I’m hopelessly addicted to shopping. Seriously. I think I need to join Shopaholics Anonymous for therapy. My dream is to marry a rich old man & live life extravagantly. Yowsa.

Oh, I looove to sing and dance & eat! Why I grow so slowly beats me too.. Ask my parents’ genes. & no (nada, zero, zilch, zip) propaganda involved- I just wanna add that God’s rockin’ my life. 😀

Well I’m off to get some munch on some snacks!

As for you, since you’re already at my blog,




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