Proper writing format. 17 April. Week 1

In class, we’ll use


  • Present tense
  • 3rd person


The 3rd person/ present tense : a character is narrating the story as it is happening. to make the story more immediate and urgent, like you are actually inside the story- to be able to involve you into the story plot.

Screenplays : the story/ film is unfolding as we read it. Fosters a more urgent and immediate feel the the script. 

Thriller & Suspense Genres : shows a clearer picture on what is happening, the two sides of a story where you will join in the roller-coaster ride to solve the mystery.

Passive VS Active voice

Passive voice : weak verbs, thoughts in character’s head, distances the readers from the story.

Active voice : strong action voice, shows the action, uses an immediate sentence structure, conveys the story in a lively manner.


“The sky was blue with a lot of fluffy white clouds” -> passive.

Now to make it sound ‘active’…

“Fluffy white clouds drift like cotton in the ocean blue sky”

Thus, ‘active’ means to put movements and actions into the story.

Tips for writing:


  • Everyone will not have problems coming up with a list of excuses for procrastination.
  • The bigger problem is getting started.


Sooo to get started,


  • If you have a work in progress, never stop for the night even if you’re stuck.
  • Always solve the problems and keep going until you are in safer water. a good night’s sleep is important. sleeping on problems is a myth.
  • If you cant get started, you need to write some words on your page anyway.
  • It doesn’t matter what you write, you’ll soon begin to think and begin in your rhythm/ pace.
  • Its like driving. if you warm up a car, you don’t wanna stop it. so just keep going.. (like freewriting)


Class exercise 1A: OPENERS

Hannah walks into the library wearing a wet suit and a clown nose. She knows she shouldn’t test the boundaries of the teachers in charge of the library but a dare is a dare. (Unless she wants to be more rejected than she already is, not that it’s so hard) And hey, why live life unnoticed right? She strolled past the reception desk and stared straight ahead, as she ignored the giggles of her friends who suddenly looked like hungry sharks that swarmed around their prey. Oh, the price to pay just to be one of them.


  • Note down questions you were asking yourself as you wrote the story : 
  1. Whose story am I telling? 
  2. What is the point of the story? 
  3. How can i engage the attention of the audience?


(Simple stories work the best)

1B : OPENERS (homework)


  • Write 12 opening phrases in your blogs under the Openers Page.

Use either Leslie’s or the previous class’ opener if we need any examples but if we shoplift, we will go to jail for life. *shudders*

Not worth the price, me thinks.


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