Exercise 1B : OPENERS

1)   She walked into the crowded restaurant and sat at the only available table. The waiter whizzed by her table and dropped the menu into her waiting hands, before he hurried away to take orders from the neighboring table. She opened the menu but she had already known what she wanted.  Looking up from the page, she gazed longingly at the guy sitting in the corner. Oh, she knew what she wanted.

2)   They say that when you are about to die, your life flashes before your eyes. It is true, after all. I am seeing a whole 21-year slideshow of my past till my present- and sadly, as though I have so few memories, it was over in 8 seconds. Yet, all I could think of was the secret that I would take to the grave.

3)   I open my eyes and all I can hear are the cockroaches scratching the tiles that they crawl on. Rats seem to be scurrying all around. My hands and legs are cuffed to the floor. This is one horrible nightmare I want to get out of- except I can’t.

4)   “C’mon Becky, this is the last chance we have to do it. Don’t back out now, it’s too late for that. Just get it over and done with.” Jason hands the pale, trembling girl a heavy box. A heavy box filled with a heavy secret. Explosives.

5)   It all started when Jane bought her first pair of Chanel earrings. A small insignificant accessory. A start on her lust for wealth that caused her to be the most elusive and cunning bank robber ever on female history. . .

6)     When my mother gave birth to me, at the age of 46, she had me named ‘Miracle’. Mirage, for short, because at first she thought I wasn’t real and that she had simply conjured me up.  Perhaps she did, for I was never existent in my father’s cruel cold blue eyes. I, an accident baby, simply did not fit into his life plan. 

7)   Sara took a deep breath as she walked towards the posh building. She clutched on to her slingbag that held all the important documents of proof. She hoped it would be enough to convince. As she entered the building’s glass lift, Sara muttered a quick prayer under her breath. Oh God, please let him take the news well.

8)   Layla lazily opened her eyes, the hazel eyes scanning the dark room lit in moonlight. Sam was snoring next to her. She must’ve been dreaming, she assured herself. Then she heard it again, and this time there was no doubt about the hair-raising scream.

9)    “Ah-five, ah-six, ah-five, six, seven, eight!” Jamie panted out as she started dancing her routine.  Three studious-looking men sat at a table opposite the stage where she was danced. When the music stopped, the man on the utmost right opened his mouth and told her…

10) “I’m fat, Lee. Seriously. Look at my thighs!” Gerri whined as she looked at their reflections in the mirror.  “This pill isn’t working!” She then took the whole bottle of them and stuffed them…

11) Someone screamed cold bloody murder into the misty night. I couldn’t make out the gender. But all I know was that I’ve got to get there in time.

12) Story of my life? Hah. That’s a good one. I’ve had zero best friends before and ALL my crushes turn gay. My parents are stuck in time, rockin’ to Elvis. I get no support in whatever I do. Sad ain’t it. That’s not the best part. Sometimes I think that the reason I was born was to let my older brother overshadow me. At least, that was what I thought up till a year and 57 days ago.


One Response to “Openers”

  1. theredpants Says:

    Your openers are quite long and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. However, remember, the longer you make an opener, the more time you take to “grab” someone with your writing and consequently, the harder it is to hook them. Having said that, I think my favourite is Number 6. It tells me the important details without really telling me everything – qualities of a good opener. Examples of openers that tell everything (bad, bad, bad) – Number 4,5 and 6. Never write an opener that tells the whole story.

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