Description: She was wearing a black sleeveless top, with a black long skirt, as she fumbled in her lack duffel bag covered with badges. Her lank black hair and black thick spec frames showed she didn’t really cared what anyone thought about her.

Address: Ruth Youngblood, 17C St Martin’s Dr.

Thoughts: She must be pretty confident to be wearing like this, to not care about what people think of her. Yet, her uneasy eyes gave her away. She seemed a little like a gothic, but I shall not judge since I don’t know her… or she must really like black.

Description:  Her hair piled into a messy bun on her head. She was wearing a white long-sleeved collared top with dark-colored shorts. On her legs was a pair of knee-high striped colored stockings. Her make-up made her look doll-like. Oh, she was one happy kawaii girl, swinging her bag as she walked past.

Address: Sakurai Kenji, 370G Alexandra Rd #13-02

Thoughts:  I saw her and nudged Renee saying that I wanted to dress like her one day… when I’m brave enough to endure stares from strangers. What made her stood out was her brazen sytle. She must’ve been pretty comfortable about her own style to wear it to school. Okay it is not exactly considered ‘cutting-edge’ in countries like Japan or Korea, but in lovely ol’ conservative Singapore, it DOES still make heads turn. Well, at least, mine did.

Editor’s note: Notice that both are female. Actually, I saw quite a few guys who could have been on this page but it’s only ‘cause they are good looking.. So it wouldn’t be too fair to the two ladies whom I mentioned above. I don’t’think looks are enough. Sometimes. And, girl powerrrrr! 😉 Really, we women have been suppressed by men looong enough. Men should stop being so dominant at times! Um except Leslie (He-Who-Is-Grading-This-Piece-Of-Work) of course. *Gulps


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